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How can I activate the number line?

How can I activate the number line?


In order to activate the number, a subscriber is required to visit any Azercell Exclusive office with his/her ID card.

Activation of numbers for individual entities is also possible through "Azercell" app.

To activate the number via Contact Center, the subscriber should dial *1111:

  • The relevant information must be submitted to the Contact Center, on the basis of submitted applications through "Online Chat" or through "Azercell" app, in order to activate the deactivated for a short-term number.
  • To activate the number that was disabled for a long time (if the number was closed on the basis of the written request), you need to send a photocopy of the application and the relevant document to the address or (

The foreign citizen must submit the following documents for the afore mentioned operation:

  • Permission for temporary / permanent residence in the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan;
  • Passport.

Note: if the subscriber cannot come to Azercell Exclusive office, the operation can be performed on the basis of a power of attorney.

Legal Persons:

In order to conduct the operation, the authorized person must apply to the Azercell Exclusive offices with a letter of intent, signed and stamped by the authorized representative of the legal entity.

To open the number of a legal entity via the Contact Center, the subscriber needs to call *1111:

  • The relevant information must be provided to Call Center via verbal request, "Online chat" or "Azercell" app for activation of line suspended for a short period of time.  
  • For activation of the line suspended for a long period ( line suspended upon written request or via "Azercell" app), a request must be submitted via web-site In this case, the registration operation of the request letter (scan version) on the letterhead (if any) upon subscriber's request and signed and stamped by the authorized representative of the legal entity, is performed through the same web-site.

Note: For all Azercell subscribers, regardless of the length, the cost of one call to the number *1111 is 0.10 AZN with VAT.