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Let's be careful to the world around us, as we discover the world of innovations. Every touch with the environment leaves a mark.


The number of active mobile phone users is growing day by day

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Own operations

To give you the best, we invest in our own development

Social impact

Mobile communications are with us - anywhere and anytime


We try to be a model to everyone with our eco-friendly innovations

Human capital

Our employees aware of their responsibility to the environment and society

Environment & Health

We want to be a green company and we strive for it


Actions that improve quality and reduce costs

Health & Safety

Electromagnetic radiation and human health


For a healthy and safe work environment

Corporate Social Responsibility
People & Society

Corporate Social Responsibility

We promise stability, competitiveness and corporate working environment for each employee. And you can join us.

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Ethics & Complience

Integrity is our value!

We do our business with trust, transparency and in compliance with laws and ethical standards.

Code of Ethic & Conduct

Code of Ethic and Conduct of Azercell Telecom LLC

Speak up – Whistleblowing system

Azercell encourages employees & all other stakeholders

Supplier Compliance

Business with trust, integrity, responsibility

Anti - Corruption

Conduct business with zero tolerance for corruption

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