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"Tourist" tariffs

A unique offer for our country's guests

Our offers


  • Package price 39
  • Validity period 15 day
  • Countywide and International calls 100 min.
  • Internet 15+15* GB


  • Package price 59 AZN
  • Validity period 15 day
  • Countywide and International calls 200 min.
  • Internet 30+30* GB


  • Package price 79
  • Validity period 15 day
  • Countywide and International calls 300 min.
  • Internet 60+60* GB

* Internet data for WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok.

The number is provided for free in all packages.

Choose the right package for you

  • Tourist packages can only be activated on Azercell numbers.
  • Tourist packages can be updated via SMS or USSD:
    • Dial *750*4*039# YES or send T39 to 7575 for "Welcome" pack;
    • Dial *750*4*059# YES or send T59 to 7575 for "Super" pack;
    • Dial *750*4*079# YES or send T79 to 7575 for "Max" pack.
  • The numbers are valid for 15 days.
  • You can get a SIM number at any Azercell sales points and offices.
  • To extend the usage period of the number, you can visit our the specified Azercell Exclusive offices..



Additional information

A foreign citizen can activate the service by applying to any Azercell Exclusive offices or our official dealers with a foreign passport.

The service is automatically deactivated after 15 days.

The service is not available while roaming.
While countrywide tariffs and packages are active, it is not possible to use "Tourist" tariff packs.
Bonuses can be used within 15 days.
Bonuses provided on packages are activated immediately.

If the bonuses provided are not renewed, the service fee for the traffic will be as follows:

  • On-net calls (1 min.) – 0.06 AZN;
  • Off-net calls (1 min.) – 0.06 AZN;
  • International calls (1 min.) – 0.32 AZN;
  • Billing interval for calls - 60 sec.;
  • Internet 1MB – 0.05 AZN (interval 51KB);
  • SMS – 0.05 AZN.
The calculation interval within the pack is 60 seconds for calls and 51KB for internet.
To find out the balance, you need to call 2112 or send an empty SMS to the same number.