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Your virtual assistant


Aicell welcomes you!


A technological breakthrough in the local telecommunications industry

Aicell is a bot that provides virtual assistant service based on artificial intelligence. This service was created to enrich the customer experience and provide new opportunities. If there is any inconsistency while communicating with her, the call will be forwarded to the operator.

A technological breakthrough in the local telecommunications industry

What kind of services does Aicell perform?

Balance related services

Balance of the number, credit limit and possibilities of using it, etc.

Products related services

Activating and deactivating the service, changing, renewing, etc.

“Unlimited calls” campaign related services

Providing information about the campaign, activating and deactivating it, etc.

I listen! I answer! I solve!

I listen! I answer! I solve!

Subscribers who apply with any request in 24/7 mode will be able to easily find answers to their questions in real time.


Meet Aicell!

Additional information

Aicell is a bot that implements virtual assistant service based on artificial intelligence.

  • Internet packs;
  • Change of tariff;
  • Roaming service;
  • Balance services for postpaid numbers;
  • "Unlimited calls" campaign;
  • Internet and minutes of call balance;
  • SimKredit service;
  • Internet connection;
  • Balance inquiries.

Aicell supports the Azerbaijani and Russian languages. Aicell can provide services to the subscriber in the language that is also the language of the system of that number.

It implements requests for activation, update, deactivation, and cancellation of updates of internet packs. It also informs the subscriber of the size, remaining and validity period of the internet pack active in the number.

Aicell performs tariff change operations for postpaid and prepaid numbers. With this service, you can join or change all "SuperSen" and "GencOl" tariff packages for prepaid numbers, as well as "Azercellim" and "Bolge" tariffs.

Yes. Aicell performs activation or deactivation of roaming services, checking the status of roaming services. Additionally, if you activate the roaming service, Aicell sends SMS messages containing important information for you abroad as a link.

Yes. It provides detailed information on the balance for both postpaid and prepaid numbers. For postpaid numbers, it provides information on balance, credit limit, advance amount, usage, invoiced debt, amount exceeding the limit and amount to be paid. Also, if you ask the virtual assistant that you need to know about the minutes or internet balance in your number, it will provide you with detailed information.

Aicell provides services for “Unlimited calls” campaign. It can activate and deactivate the campaign in the number as per the request of the subscriber.

It provides services for the subscribers for SimKredit and SimTaksit services. Virtual assistant performs the following credit service operations:

  • Taking credit (except for extra credit);
  • Information on credit debt;
  • Payment of credit debt (SimTaksit);
  • Deactivate the credit line;
  • Activate the credit line. 

Of course! Aicell checks the number of the subscriber that has internet connection issue, provides information, and performs operations upon identifying the following cases.

  • If the number in postpaid and prepaid system is closed;
  • If the number in postpaid system is closed due to debt;
  • If GPRS line of the number is closed, it opens.
  • If mobile internet pack of the number is over or there is no pack active, it provides information, proposes to add balance, and purchases a new pack.
  • If the internet pack of the tariff package active in the number is over, it provides information, recommends updating the package.

Yes. Aicell performs relevant checkups and operations for balance related requests. It provides information upon identifying the services provided by third parties. You can also deactivate the services with the help of Aicell. Furthermore, if there is connection to internet without an internet pack in the number, it can provide information to the subscribers in order to prevent additional spending of balance and recommend to activate an internet pack.