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Why choose Azercell?

Special offers

Affordable tariff packages

Fast 4G Network

Not just fast, the fastest

Leading mobile operator in Azerbaijan

We maintain our leading position


Geographical coverage of 89.3%


Population coverage of 99.8%


49% share of the entire market


Largest single market share with more than 5 million customers

Digital Solutions

Subscribe to leading apps on favorable terms

Opportunity to subscribe to the world's leading mobile applications at affordable prices only for Azercell subscribers

Customer service

24/7 customer support

Individual and unique approach, high quality services

Additional Information

MNP stands for Mobile Number Portability. It allows subscribers to change their mobile network providers without having to change their mobile numbers.

Azercell is the country’s largest and most innovative mobile services provider.

  • First  24/7 Call Center
  • First full service concept - Azercell Express
  • First to reach international quality standard ISO 9001 - 2000
  • Largest sales network
  • High quality customer services
  • First GSM service provider
  • First prepaid system - SimSim
  • First roaming service for prepaid subscribers
  • First 4G 
  • Innovative technologies and solutions
  • High population coverage 
  • The greatest number of RBS
  • Widest 2G/3G/4G coverage
  • Comprehensive CSR policy covering health, education, sports, culture and inclusivity

To transfer a mobile number to Azercell's network, you need to apply with an identity card to Azercell's customer service department, Azercell Express offices or to official dealers with an ID-card. Based on the application, a new SIM card will be presented.

NoteSubscription contract



MNP lets you keep your original mobile number after switching providers.

If there are no problems when transferring the number, an SMS notification will be sent to the subscriber within 3 working days to activate the service (1 hour before the execution).

You should stick the following rules before porting your number to Azercell:

  • The number that is ported must be registered in the name of the applicant;
  • The number must be used for at least 90 days;
  • Must have passed at least 90 days after the last MND surgery;
  • There should be no pending litigation between the official user of the number and the mobile operator;
  • The subscriber information must be correctly entered into the system of the current mobile operator.

Note: the data number cannot be input / output.

You can port in/port out every 90 days.

You can cancell the request for number portability within 8 working hours from the moment of submission of the application at any Azercell customer service office by submitting the relevant documents.