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Azercell 5G

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Azercell 5G

What is 5G?

5G is the new 5th generation internet technology.

This technology provides users with superfast, more reliable, and uninterrupted internet.

With 5G, watching movies, downloading large files, sharing on social networks, playing games, in short, everything related to the internet will be faster!

Smart cities and self-driving cars will also be available for us with 5G network!

Advantages of 5G

Ultra-high speed internet

The 5G network promises even faster internet than high-speed internet. Downloads taking a few minutes with 4G will be possible in a few seconds with 5G.

Larger volume at the same time

It will be possible to experience uninterrupted and super-fast internet at events attended by tens of thousands of people.

Real-time internet

Frequent interruptions in live broadcasts and internet calls will be eliminated entirely.

Get ready for the future with 5G!

The possibilities of 5G are vast and will promote the development of health, transportation, agriculture, public security and other fields.

How to connect to 5G?

Azercell is currently presenting the fifth-generation internet technology for use in the test mode at the Fountain Square in Baku!

Owners of 5G-enabled Samsung, Apple, Huawei, Honor, Xiaomi, OnePlus and Poco smartphones can test the new technology at Fountain Square.

Users of monthly internet packages, Prepaid (subscribers of Sərbəst, GəncOL and İstəSən tariffs) and Postpaid line subscribers (subscribers of Sərbəst, Yeni hər yerə, Hədsiz İnternet, Hədsiz and Mediacell tariffs) can connect to Azercell 5G network by dialing *595#YES on their smartphones.

Connecting to the network is free. If the user is in the coverage of a 5G network, then he/she will be able to enjoy the high-speed 5G by using the current internet balance within 1 hour. After 1 hour, the subscriber can continue using the internet at normal speed. The subscriber can get the 5G speed again for the next 1 hour using the same procedure.

How fast is 5G?

2G 3G 4G 5G
Average download speed 0.1Mbit/s 8Mbit/s 60-90Mbit/s 150-200Mbit/s
Delay 500ms(0.5 seconds) 100ms(0.1 seconds) 50ms(0.05 seconds) 1ms(0.001 seconds)

5G trial campaign

Azercell will present a 5GB internet package (for 30 days) to its subscribers who will test 5G network until December 31, 2023.

Subscribers who use at least 10MB of internet (users of monthly internet packs, Prepaid (subscribers of Sərbəst, GəncOL and İstəSən tariffs) and Postpaid line subscribers (subscribers of Sərbəst, Yeni hər yerə, Hədsiz İnternet, Hədsiz and Mediacell tariffs) when connecting to the 5G network for the first time will receive an internet pack as a gift within the next 48 hours (excluding Saturday, Sunday, holidays and mourning days) after use. The 5GB internet package is valid for use on all networks (Azercell 5G, 4G, 3G).

The gift pack is presented only once.

Additional information

Currently, Samsung, Huawei, Honor,  Xiaomi, OnePlus, Poco and Apple smartphones are active on Azercell's 5G network.

Note. Only iPhone models older than 12 with iOS 16.4 and Samsung Galaxy S22 (SM-S901B/DS), Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus (SM-S906B/DS), Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra (SM-S908B/DS) samrtphones with the last software version are eligible for 5G.


In order to benefit from the 5G network, the presence of a mobile phone that supports 5G and a USIM card that works with the new generation LTE technology is one of the main conditions. In addition, to connect to the network, it is necessary to subscribe to a monthly internet package or one of eligible tariffs that includes internet traffic.

Azercell subscribers do not pay any additional fees to use 5G speed. The 5G network isn't more expensive or cheaper, it's just faster.

5G speed can be tested by clicking on the link using mobile internet.

Information about the coverage of 5G service can be obtained by clicking on the link.

Note: In certain areas of 5G coverage, network capacity may be poor due to network optimization.