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Need to make a call or send an SMS urgently but don’t have any credit?  SimKredit saves the day!


General information

If you need to make an urgent call or send SMS, but you do not have any credit, you can use SimKredit.


Alternatively, send kredit to 9600 or dial *200#yes on your phone to receive the maximum credit eligible for your number. This number is calculated automatically and may differ for different users.

Each SimCredit message costs 0.05 AZN.

You can check the amount outstanding on your number by texting info to the relevant SimCredit number from the table.

Additional credit for urgent matters

If you have reached your Credit limit now you can order Ekstra Kredit.

Ekstra Kredit request message cost is 0.05 AZN

Additional Information

The maximum value of the SimKredit that a user may receive varies. Factors that are taken into consideration include your top-up history and the period that the line has been active.

To learn the maximum amount of SimCredit that can be withdrawn, just dial *200*7#YES.

SimKredit only increases the value of your call balance. The expiry date does not change for either the balance of SimSim scratch cards.

The value of the SimKredit given and all associated fees are deducted from your balance the next time you top-up or from your PayCell bonus.

If there is insufficient balance, the 1 AZN/2 AZN SimKredit will be withheld. 

If your request for 2 AZN SimTaksit (9155 or dial *155#YES) is approved, 0.08 AZN is deducted from your account every day for 30 days from the day of the request. 

In the event that there is an outstanding amount after 30 days, the entire outstanding amount is deducted on the 31st day. If there is insufficient balance in your account on the 31st day, the outstanding amount will be deducted from your balance after your next top-up.

SMS BORC to 9155  to pay back the 2 AZN credit in full.

You should wait at least 10 minutes for your top-up to be updated before applying for SimKredit. If you apply for it immediately, the entire amount may be deducted from your balance instead of just partially.

To get the maximum amount of SimKredit, you need to dial *200#YES.

As part of the "DostKredit" service, one subscriber must send a request with the appropriate USSD code to *200* mobile number (xx-xxx-xx-xx) to order the maximum amount of credit for another subscriber. The service fee for sent SMS is free.

Relevant USSD codes for amounts:

  • 1 AZN: *150* xx-xxx-xx-xx # 1
  • 2 AZN: *250* xx-xxx-xx-xx # 2
  • 3 AZN: *290* xx-xxx-xx-xx # 3