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How to transfer mobile number from prepaid to postpaid?

How to transfer mobile number from prepaid to postpaid?

Prepaid line subscribers may switch to Postpaid line without changing the number.

  • When Azercell Prepaid line subscribers switch to Azercell Postpaid line system, the remaining amount in AZN is transferred to the postpaid line balance.

The subscriber can't use the amount transferred to the balance as cash. These funds can only be used to pay the debt invoice. Also, this amount can’t be transferred to the balance of another number.

  • Switching from Azercell Prepaid line to Postpaid line is carried out free of charge.
  • All existing services on the number will be deactivated after the switch.
  • After switching to Postpaid system, SIM card is replaced and the numbers in the SIM memory are not transferred to the new SIM.
  • Once the switch is complete, SimCredit dept on the number will be transferred to the  number with Pospaid line within 24 hours.ᅠ


In order to switch the number from Prepaid to Postpaid line, a subscriber is required to visit any Azercell Exclusive office with his/her ID card.

Note: If a subscriber cannot visit Azercell Exclusive office, the operation can be carried out on the basis of a letter of attorney.ᅠ

The foreign citizen should submit the following documents for the afore mentioned operation:

  • Temporary or permanent residence permit for a foreigner in the territory of the Azerbaijan Republic;
  • International passport.

Legal Persons: 

In order to conduct the operation, the authorized person should apply to Azercell Exclusive office with a letter of intent signed and stamped by the authorized representative of the legal entity and his/her ID card.