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How can I activate the Asan Imza service?

How can I activate the Asan Imza service?

To deactivate the Asan Imza service, the subscriber should apply to one of the Azercell Exclusive offices.


The subscriber should approach Azercell Exclusive offices with his / her ID card.

A foreign citizen should present a temporary/permanent residence permit in the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan and a foreign passport.

Note: If the subscriber cannot come to Azercell Exclusive office, the operation can be performed on the basis of a power of attorney.

Legal entity:

Existing company:

To perform the operation, the trustee who has declared the wish should apply to the offices of Azercell Exclusive with a signed and sealed letter of request signed by the authorized representative of the legal entity.

Note: The trustee should also present the relevant power of attorney and his / her ID card.

After disabling the Asan Imza service in the Azercell Exclusive office, the subscriber must contact the Ministry of Taxes to cancel the certificate (you can also contact the Asan Xidmət centers).