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How can I activate the Asan Imza service?

How can I activate the Asan Imza service?

  • The subscriber can activate the Asan Imza service on both his or her own number and on the newly acquired number. If the subscriber activates the service on his/her own number, the subscriber needs to replace the SIM card with one that supports the Asan Imza service.
  • The Asan Imza service can be activated for both post-paid and prepaid Azercel subscribers .
  • To activate the Asan Imza service, the subscriber must contact one of the Azercell Exclusive offices.


The subscriber should approach Azercell Exclusive offices with his / her ID card.

A foreign citizen should present a temporary/permanent residence permit in the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan and a foreign passport

Note: If the subscriber cannot come to Azercell Exclusive office, the operation can be performed on the basis of a power of attorney.

Legal entity:

Existing company:

To perform the operation, the trustee who has declared the wish should apply to the offices of Azercell Exclusive with a signed and sealed letter of request signed by the authorized representative of the legal entity

New company: Necessary documents to become a subscriber

Note: The trustee should also present the relevant power of attorney and his / her ID card.

  • Fee for replacing the SIM card of the current number is 3.54 AZN
  • Numbers in memory are not transferred to the new SIM card after SIM card change.
  • After activating the Asan Imza service, the subscriber should contact the Ministry of Taxes (the subscriber can also contact the Asan Xidmət centers).