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Monthly Subscription

  • Monthly Fee 49.9

In-tariff prices

  • On-net minutes 3000
  • Off-net minutes 500
  • International call minutes 50
  • SMS 2000
  • Internet (GB) 5

Out-of-tariff prices

  • Local calls (1 min.) 0.05
  • 1 SMS 0.05


  • 60 MB 1
  • 500 MB 3
  • 1 GB 5
  • 5 GB 10
  • 10 GB 15
  • 50 GB 30

Join now

SMS Hedsiz to 650 for the Hedsiz tariff plan. Every SMS to 650 costs 0.02 AZN. The tariff plan will be activated the following day.

Balance information

For all balance-related information, send a blank (empty) SMS to 650. Each SMS to 650 costs 0.02 AZN.

* Charging interval: for calls – 60 seconds, for Internet – 51 KB


  • 50% discount is applied to subscription fee for the first incomplete bill cycle.
  • Subscribers can also use up to 15% discount on all calls and internet in roaming in Austria, Germany, France, Czech Republic and Spain:
    Outgoing calls - 1.30 AZN
    Internet - 3 AZN (1MB)

Note: From 19.08.2019, the connection of postpaid line numbers to the tariff packs “Hədsiz”, “Hədsiz zəng” və “Hədsiz internet” has been suspended.

Additional Information

All SMSs are charged at 0.05 AZN each.

*As of 12.02.2019 in numbers referring to postpaid line system the charge for each SMS within the existing tariff packages “Bizimkilər”, “Hər yerə”, “Biznes200”, “Aile Tarif”, “Dövlətcell”, “SOCAR” and “Mediacell” will constitute 0.05 AZN. Meanwhile, the charge for every additional SMS sent beyond “Hedsiz” and “Hedsiz Zeng” tariff packages will constitute 0.05 AZN.

Yes, all Hedsiz subscribers can buy Unlimited one-time or monthly Internet packs. To purchase a data pack, SMS the relevant keyword to 2525.
Yes, you can use them to SMS any valid number, anywhere in the world.
The Hedsiz tariff plan is currently only available to individual subscribers.
Yes, subscribers may activate and use multiple data packs simultaneously. You may subscribe to 1-hour, 3-hour, daily, night and weekend internet packs. These internet packs will be used before your other packs.
No, the data pack that was activated most recently is automatically renewed.

Yes, you can purchase another data pack but it has to be larger than your current data pack. 

*As of 03.04.2019, in case of existence of the Internet traffic in the balance, it is possible to order the package with bigger Internet volume.

All existing internet packs linked to your number are cancelled when you activate the Hadsiz pack. Internet packs that are not cancelled will be renewed automatically.


Yes, you can buy a smaller data pack but only if you have used up at least 95% of the data in the current pack.
All SMS and call minutes from previous tariff plans are cancelled when your Hedsiz subscription is activated.
All bonus minutes, SMS and data expire after 1 month and cannot be rolled over to the next month.
When you have used up more than 90% of your data, you will receive a notification message from Azercell. If you use up 100% of your Hedsiz data and do not have another active data tariff plan, you will be redirected to the Azercell website for the opportunity to purchase another data pack.
The bonus data allowance can only be used for internet access within Azerbaijan.
The bonus SMS and call minutes can only be used when both the caller and the receiver of the call or SMS are within Azerbaijan. They cannot be used to contact short numbers.
The 50% discount is only valid for first-time subscribers.

If there are more than 5 days left to the end of the billing cycle, the Hedsiz pack is implemented immediately.

If there are less than 5 days left, the changes are implemented at the start of the next billing cycle. However, you can still have the changes implemented immediately by visiting an Azercell customer care office.