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Tariff plans

6 GB


600 min.

In - tariff


To subscribe send "G9" to 7575

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3 GB


300 min.

In - tariff


To subscribe send "G6" to 7575

GəncOL Weekly
1 GB


100 min.

In - tariff


To subscribe send "G2" to 7575

*Charging interval for calls – 1 minute.

Internet Packs

More details
1.5GB 6

Validity period: 30 days
More details
6GB 12

Validity period: 30 days
More details
12GB 19

Validity period: 30 days

Additional information

"GəncOL" tariff plans are open to all Prepaid (SimSim) customers. Migration from other tariff plans is also free of charge.

To activate a "GəncOL" package, SMS the relevant code to 7575:

  • G2 for GəncOL Weekly
  • G6 for GəncOL 6
  • G9 for GəncOL 9

You may also activate it by dialing the relevant USSD code on your phone:

  • *750*4*02#YES for GəncOL Weekly
  • *750*4*06#YES for GəncOL 6
  • *750*4*09#YES for GəncOL 9

The validity period of the "GəncOL Weekly" tariff pack is 7 days. The validity period of the "GəncOL6" and "GəncOL9" tariff packages is 30 days. Each pack is automatically renewed if there are enough funds on the balance on the last day of the validity period.

You will have to wait 24 hours.

Your existing internet package balance will be also transferred to "GəncOL".

If your "GəncOL" tarrif’s bonus internet runs out before the validity period ends, you can renew it by sending the relevant keyword (G2, G6, G9) to 7575.

If you use up all the in-tariff minutes before the end of the validity period but still have data left, it is not possible to renew the pack.

To check tariff bonuses, send an empty SMS to 2112. Each SMS costs 0.02 AZN. 

You may also dial *111*1*7#YES

Balance information is also available on the "Azercell" mobile app. Dial *110# to get a direct download link to the app.

Upon renewal or deactivation of a "GəncOL" pack, all remaining minutes, SMS and data are erased and not rolled over.

Bonus in-tariff minutes are available only for calls between "GəncOl" subscribers. Cannot be used for roaming, international calls, special encrypted (with *) and short numbers.

You can get more information from this link.

Starting from October 25, 2022, the service for free internet packs of 750MB, 3GB and 6GB intended for the use of “Zvuk”, “Busuu”, “IVI”, “Bookmate” applications within the "GəncOL Weekly”, "GəncOL6" and "GəncOL9” tariffs offered to prepaid line (SimSim) subscribers of “Azercell Telecom” LLC will be canceled.

If all bonuses provided under the "GəncOL" tariff have been used, but the package has not yet expired, the service fee will be as follows:

  • 1 in-tariff call is 0.02 AZN per minute
  • All-net calls - 0.08 AZN 
  • 1MB = 0.05 AZN
  • 1 SMS = 0.05 AZN 

In correspondence via WhatsApp within GencOL Weekly and GencOL 6 tariffs, speed traffic is limited to 64 kbps.

As of 25.01.2021, Azercell prepaid (SimSim) subscribers of GencOL Weekly and GencOL6 tariff packages will be able to use the main internet balance provided within the GencOL package after expiration of free text messaging limit of 1GB for “WhatsApp” application and subscribers of GencOL Weekly tariff package will also be able to use the main internet balance after expiration of free text messaging limit of 1GB for “WhatsApp”, “Telegram”, “Twitter” and “Facebook Messenger” applications.If the main internet package provided within the GencOL tariff expires before the expiration date and no additional internet package is ordered, it will be possible to use 10 GB of free internet at the speed of 16 kb/s for the above-mentioned text messages until the end of the relevant period.

All prices VAT inclusive