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Yeni hər yerə

Affordable country-wide calls and internet

Yeni hər yerə


Monthly Subscription

  • Monthly Fee 5


  • Local calls 0.05


  • 1 SMS 0.05

Internet - 500 MB

  • 1 MB 0.20

Join now

SMS Yeni to 650 or dial *750*5#YES on your phone for the Yeni Hər Yerə tariff plan.

Every SMS to 650 costs 0.02 AZN.

You can also join via the Kabinetim mobile app. Dial *110# to get a direct download link to Kabinetim. 

Check your balance

Send a blank (empty) SMS to 650 to receive tariff plan details.

  • Charging interval: for calls – 1 minute, for Internet – 51 KB



The subscriber receives a discount of 50% upon the first connection to the “Yeni Hər Yerə” tariff. However, the discount is applied only once during each subscription period.

Additional information

Yeni Hər Yerə tariff plans are currently only available to postpaid subscribers.
All bonus call minutes and internet data from the previous tariff plan expire when a new tariff plan is activated.
If there are more than 5 days to the end of your current billing cycle, the Yeni Hər Yerə call benefits will be activated the following day. However, you will be allowed to use the bonus Internet data immediately.
If you have a valid daily, monthly or unlimited internet pack, the data from that tariff plan will be used first. If or when that data allowance has been used up, the bonus Yeni Hər Yerə data will be used.
When you have used up the bonus data, you will automatically be redirected to a page where you can purchase a new Internet data package.

The mentioned prices of the tariff do not include calls to special coded (dialed with *) and short numbers.

All prices VAT inclusive