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Design your tariff


Design a tariff that fits you best!

Choose as many minutes, megabytes and internet for social media as you want!

Flexibility of choice - always!

You can change the design of the tariff every month at your discretion.

Enjoy your choices

Now Azercell offers you more freedom and many ways to design your tariff package according to your needs.


The digital tariff you want! From Azercell!

“İstəSən” tariff includes countrywide minutes, mobile data and range of extras, including additional mobile data for Instagram/Facebook, YouTube and TikTok. Tariff is comprised of a starting base bundle at price 7 AZN, which includes 30 countrywide minutes, 3GB of internet and 1GB WhatsApp texting. Customers can make additions on top of the base bundle and price of the tariff will change accordingly. Choose the minutes, megabytes and internet volume for social media yourself - the more you take, the more value you get!

  • Tariff’s main package includes 30 countrywide minutes, 3GB of internet and 1GB WhatsApp texting. Main pack price is 7 AZN.
  • The tariff is renewed every 30 days. It is possible to make additions to the tariff till 23:59 on the activation day of the tariff package. 
  • The tariff can only be redesigned via the "Azercell" application.
  • The tariff can be set only once a month, but it can be redesigned for the next renewal. The tariff will be renewed according to the last saved design in the memory.
  • If the subscriber does not have enough funds on the balance for the renewal, it is possible to redesign the tariff by reducing the initial ingredients to the base price of 7 AZN. The tariff will be renewed according to the last saved change on the memory.
  • The calculation interval for voice calls is 60 seconds.
  • It is not possible to renew the tariff after the bonuses presented within the tariff are exhausted. Payment for services until the appointed renewal date is calculated accordingly.
  • Great news! "IsteSen" tariff can now be renewed through the "Azercell" application before the automatic renewal date! This can be done only once during the day if there is 5MB or less of traffic left on the balance of the main internet package.

  • When renewing manually, the minutes of the current tariff, as well as the main and additional internet packages are annulled, and the new tariff package is activated.

Subscribe now

You can subscribe to "İstəSən" tariff through "Azercell" app.

Also, prepaid (SimSim) subscribers can subscribe to tariff by sending "IsteSen" to 7575 or dialing *750*0*10#YES.

How to design "İstəSən" tariff pack?

Additional information

Any prepaid subscribers can join the “İstəSən” tariff.

Prepaid subscribers (SimSim) can subscribe to the tariff:  

  • On this page
  • By sending “IsteSen” to 7575
  • By dialing *750*0*10#YES.
  • Via the "Azercell" application.

 “İstəSən” tariff is valid for 30 days and if there are enough funds on the balance at the end of this period, the tariff is automatically renewed. When the number is active, but there is not enough money on the balance, the system will try to renew the tariff until there are enough funds on the balance.

During subscription to tariff, the balance of existing internet packs remains active.

Information about bonuses can be obtained by sending an empty SMS to the short number 2112. The price of each sent SMS is 0.02 AZN. Information about tariff bonuses can also be obtained via the "Azercell" application.

If the validity of the tariff has not yet expired, when the tariff bonuses are exhausted, the price of 1 minute of countrywide call will be 0.08 AZN. If the validity of the tariff is expired and subscriber did not have enough funds on the balance for the renewal, the payment for the services is calculated as follows:

  • 1MB = 0.05 AZN (if there is no other internet pack)
  • 1 minute of on-net calls: 0.08 AZN; 1 minute of off-net calls: 0.08 AZN


Subscribers of "İstəSən" tariff can use any monthly, daily, hourly, and unlimited internet packages. In addition, users of this tariff can also subscribe to special Social Media Packages through the "Azercell" app. Click to the link to get information about Social Media Packs

When the internet bonuses within the tariff expire, the subscriber is redirected to a special link page. He can activate internet pack here or choose to use without internet package. In this case, 1MB=0.05 AZN and the internet calculation interval is 51KB.

If the “İstəSən” tariff subscribers use additional internet packages, in all other cases, except for the 50GB internet package, preference is given to these internet packs.

The use of 1GB for WhatsApp texting provided within the tariff is superior to other Internet bonuses.

The calculation interval for voice calls is 60 seconds.

When switching from “İstəSən” tariff to another tariff, the bonuses of the current pack are nullified.

In-tariff bonus minutes can’t be used for roaming, international calls, special coded (dialed with *) and short numbers. Also, if the subscriber receives a call within the "Pay for my call" service, the relevant funds will be removed from the balance, not from the minutes provided within the tariff.

For each request sent to the number 7575, 0.01 AZN is charged from the balance.

The price of a SMS is 0.05 AZN.

You can subscribe to the "Azercell" application by clicking on the mentioned link: link

For this, the following steps are applied:

On "Azercell" app: Main menu - Tariffs - Start designing your tariff

On "Azercell" app: Main menu - Benefits and rewards - Design your tariff

It is possible to make additions to the tariff via the "Azercell" application till 23:59 on the activation day of the tariff package. To make additions to the tariff, you need to go to the app:

Main page → Tariff→ İstəSən → Make additions*

After 23:59, the tariff package can be redesigned only for the next renewal via the "Azercell" application.

Note: *Each type of tariff addons can be selected only once.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to make additions for current month. But you can redesign your tariff according to your needs for the next renewal.

To redesign the tariff, you need to go to Home page→ Tariff→ İstəSən →Make changes on "Azercell" application.

For this, it is enough to go to Main page → Tariff→IsteSen→ Details→ View changed tariff page on "Azercell" app.

The tariff is renewed once a month. You can redesign the tariff package for the next renew via "Azercell" application and save the additions you want in memory.

When social media packs traffic is finished, usage goes from other internet resources. If there are no other internet resources, subscribers can enter the "Azercell" app and get special packs for social media.

More information about the Social Media packs can be found via this link: link

Changes can be made by going to the “Make changes” page in the “Tariff” section of the "Azercell" app. However, these changes will be applied during the next renewal.

You can get detailed information about other tariffs in this: link

All prices VAT inclusive