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Beautiful numbers ᅠᅠ

Purchase a nice number and get a tariff pack as a gift.


General information

BEAUTIFUL NUMBERS with special tariffs starting from 39 AZN!

Beautiful numbers selected by subscribers are provided to them with a 6-12 month subscription to one of “GəncOL” or “Sərbəst” tariff packs.


Starting from 22.12.2023, new subscriptions to the "Gözəl nömrələr" campaign intended for numbers with prepaid (SimSim) line system and the "Sərbəst tarifli gözəl nömrələr" campaign intended for numbers with post-paid line system, will be suspended. The customer who has already joined one of the campaigns till 22.12.2023 will continue to benefit from it. 


For more information about Beautiful numbers with special tariffs and their prices, please visit

Special tariff packages are provided according to the Beautiful number chosen by the subscriber.

Additional information

Tariff package is provided according to the selected number:

  • GəncOL6 - 6 times free connection for 6 months
  • GəncOL6 - 12 times free connection for 12 months
  • Sərbəst 10 - 6 times free connection for 6 months
  • Sərbəst 15 - 6 times free connection for 6 months

When changing the tariff package to another, the remaining bonuses of the previous tariff pack are removed. It is also possible to resubscribe to the tariff pack free of charge if 6 or 12 months haven't expired from the date of activation of the tariff and there are still attempts to connect for free.

At the end of the campaign, the service fee for the tariff package is calculated according to the standard rules.