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Tariff packs

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Sərbəst 10*
2 GB


350 min.

Countrywide calls


Sərbəst 15
  • icon
5 GB


500 min.

Countrywide calls


Sərbəst 25
15 GB


850 min.

Countrywide calls


Sərbəst 50
25 GB


2500 min.

Countrywide calls


Sərbəst 75
60 GB


4000 min.

Countrywide calls


*Only for prepaid subscribers

The updated "Sərbəst" tariff

The "Sərbəst" tariff has been updated for both postpaid and prepaid subscribers.

The terms of the updated "Sərbəst" would be applied to the prepaid subscribers after the next update after 02.02.2021.

Internet packs

More details
1 GB
1 GB 5

Validity period: 30 days
More details
5 GB
5 GB 10

Validity period: 30 days
More details
10 GB
10 GB 15

Validity period: 30 days


Any prepaid line subscribers may subscribe to “Serbest” tariff package.

Subscribers may activate the tariff package by sending the relevant keyword to 7575:

  • S10 for Serbest 10
  • S15 for Serbest 15
  • S25 for Serbest 25
  • S50 for Serbest 50
  • S75 for Serbest 75

The cost of 1 SMS sent to *7575 is 0.01 AZN.

It is also possible to activate any “Serbest" tariff package by dialing the appropriate USSD code on your mobile phone:

  • *750*4*10#YES - Serbest 10
  • *750*4*15#YES - Serbest 15
  • *750*4*25#YES - Serbest 25
  • *750*4*50#YES - Serbest 50
  • *750*4*75#YES - Serbest 75

When subscribing to the “Serbest tariff package, the subscription fee is deducted from the balance as well as bonuses are added to the balance.

The validity period of the tariff is 30 days, and on completion of this period, if there is a sufficient amount in the balance, the tariff will be updated automatically. If there is not a sufficient amount on the balance, the system will try to update the tariff until there is enough money on the balance while the number is active.

All “Serbest" tariffs provide up to 1GB traffic for text messaging in WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger applications. When the traffic allocated for text messaging in the applications runs out, the user will be able to take advantage of other Internet resources on the balance. If there are no other internet resources on the balance, it will be impossible to text for free.

When switching to “Serbest" tariff, the subscription fee for the tariff is deducted from the balance and the tariff bonuses are added to the balance. The validity period of bonuses is 30 days. When the validity period expires, the available bonuses do not extend to the next month.

The package can be renewed within a month, no more than once a day during 24 hours. To renew the package, it is required to send the keyword to the short number 7575. The tariff can be activated via USSD code or "My Cabinet" application. Bonuses of the current package are annuled during the renewal.

You may get information about tariff bonuses at any time by sending an empty SMS to 2112 short number. The cost of SMS sent is 0.02 AZN.

If all bonuses provided under the “Serbest" tariff have been used, but the package has not yet expired, the cost of 1 minute within the country will be 0.06 AZN.

In case of absence of the sufficient funds for monthly subscription fee in subscriber’s balance for the next month (also, absence of other Internet packages), the service fee shall be as follows: 1MB = 0.05 AZN, 1 on-net call is 0.06 AZN per minute, 1 off-net call is 0.08 AZN per minute. “Serbest" tariff subscribers can use any monthly, daily, hourly, as well as unlimited night and weekend packages. During the tariff change, the existing internet package and all resources within the package remain active.

If the subscribers of the “Serbest" tariff use additional internet packages, the Internet usage fee will be deducted from the balance of these packages in all other cases, except for the 50GB internet package.

When the in-package internet bonuses run out, the subscriber is redirected to a special link page, where he/she can activate the internet package or choose to use it out of the internet package. 1MB=0.05 AZN. The billing tariff of the Internet is 51KB.

The counting interval of calls comprises 60 seconds.

Bonuses of the current package are annuled when switching from the “Serbest” tariff package to another one.

Minutes provided within the tariff do not apply to calls on roaming, as well as calls to international, * (star) and some short numbers. In-tariff bonus minutes cannot be used for roaming, international calls, special codes (dialled with *) and short numbers.

For every request sent to 7575, 0.01 AZN will be deducted from the balance.

1 SMS=0.05 AZN

The terms of the updated “Serbest" tariff for prepaid subscribers will apply in the next update.

For more information about the “Serbest" tariff, it is required to send "S" to 7575.

“Serbest" tariff bonuses are added to the balance immediately after a successful subscription / renewal.

Priority is given first to the traffic provided for text messaging, then to the main traffic of the tariff. On completion of the resources of the main package, if the subscriber does not have any active internet package, he/she is redirected to a special link page.

Free subscription to SberZvuk service provided under the new “Serbest75" tariff is not possible.

Considering the needs of our subscribers, more favorable terms of use are being introduced in all “Serbest" tariff packages available for prepaid (SimSim) and postpaid line numbers. Thus, instead of in-country, on-net and in-tariff minutes provided within the “Serbest” tariff packages, it will be possible to use them more conveniently by providing general domestic call minutes. This will allow subscribers to speak more comfortably in all directions and more easily control the balance of the number. Moreover, access to the Internet provided within the “Serbest" tariff package will be more favorable. In addition to maintaining the use of social networks and text messaging, the use of the common Internet volume has increased as well. The changes will be applied starting from the next update after the current 30-day validity period of the existing “Serbest" tariff package.

Note: Subscribers can get detailed information about indicated changes, the order, replacement and rejection manner of Tariff and Internet packages as well as services provided by "Azercell Telecom" LLC, current tariffs, ongoing campaigns by visiting our official website (, also by applying to the Customer Care (CC offices, Call Center available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week).

All prices VAT inclusive