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How do I switch the number from Pre-paid (SimSim) line to Post-paid line?

How do I switch the number from Pre-paid (SimSim) line to Post-paid line?

Every Prepaid line subscriber may switch to Post-paid line without changing his\her number.

  • When Azercell Prepaid line subscribers switch to Azercell Postpaid line system, the remaining amount in AZN is transferred to the postpaid line balance.

A subscriber will not be able to withdraw this amount from the advance as cash, the amount will be used only to pay the invoice debt.

  • Switching from Azercell Pre-paid (SimSim) line to Post-paid line is carried out free of charge.

Physical persons: In order to switch the number from Pre-paid line to Post-paid line, a subscriber is required to visit any Customer Care office with his/her ID card.

If a subscriber cannot visit a Customer Care Office, the operation can be carried out based on the power of attorney.

The foreign citizen must submit the following documents for the afore mentioned operation:

 passport of the country of citizenship (diplomatic, foreign or domestic passport; diplomatic card or Special passport / certificate), registration card of a foreigner wishing to reside in the Azerbaijan Republic for more than 30 days or a temporary or permanent residence permit for a foreigner in the territory of the Azerbaijan Republic.

Legal Persons: In order to conduct the operation, the authorized person must apply to the Customer Care offices with a letter of intent, signed and stamped by the authorized representative of the legal entity. The authorized representative must also present the relevant power of attorney and his / her ID card.