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What should I do after getting a “Yandex Plus” subscription?

What should I do after getting a “Yandex Plus” subscription?

After subscribing to the “Yandex Plus” service through the "Azercell" app, relevant activation codes, or the site, a Yandex ID must be created with the subscription activation number:

  • When a subscription is obtained through the "Azercell" app, the next step is to create a Yandex ID - it is necessary to register on the corresponding page by choosing "Activate Plus."

If you want to subscribe via SMS, USSD code, or website, access the link sent via SMS immediately after the subscription is activated, and select "Activate “Yandex Plus”" on the "Applications" page of the "Azercell" application. Yandex ID must be created by going through the required steps.

If you did not create a Yandex ID by choosing "Activate Plus" for any reason after getting a subscription, don't worry, you can create a Yandex ID at any time by entering the "Azercell" application in the Applications section. In this case, a "not activated" note will be shown under the “Yandex Plus” subscription among the active subscriptions.