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Balance info (2112/650)

To check the balance information, subscription details and expiry date of a number


For Prepaid subscribers

To check the balance information, subscription details and expiry date of a prepaid number, call 2112 or send a blank (empty) SMS to 2112. Each SMS costs 0.02 AZN.

Users can also get their balance expiry date and subscription end date by dialling *111*1*7#YES on their phone. This service is provided free.

Subscribers will also receive an automatic update every time their balance changes when they call, send SMSs or use internet tariff packs.

For information about your tariff plan and Roaming line status, send an empty (blank) SMS to 1005. Each SMS costs 0.02 AZN.

For Postpaid subscribers

Postpaid subscribers can retrieve their balance information (billed amount, current amount, advance payment, etc.) in 4 ways:

  • Call 650. You will hear an audio playback of your balance information.
  • Send a blank (empty) SMS to 650. You will receive an SMS with your balance information.
  • Dial *650#YES on your phone.
  • Visit the online services section of our website.

You can grant access to your balance information to another subscriber by sending + to 650. You can disable this feature by sending to 650

Each SMS to 650 costs 0.0236 AZN.

Please note that the billing process occurs between the 4th and 24th of each month at 11 p.m. Requests sent during this period will be carried out in the following bill cycle.


To check if a top-up scratch card has been used, SMS its 10-digit serial number to 1003. Each SMS costs 0.02 AZN.

Both postpaid and prepaid subscribers can benefit from the service.

Additional Information

The charging interval is 30 seconds for standard calls. This does not include calls made to short numbers, during roaming or that come under other special terms of the tariff package. 

When the calculated figure is not a whole number (integer), the value is rounded up or down to the next whole number. 

If the fractional value is less than 0.5, the value is rounded down to the next lower whole number. If the fractional value is greater than or equal to 0.5, the value is rounded up to the next higher whole number.

You can choose to have these messages sent in Azerbaijani, English or Russian through language selection.

Balance messages are not auto-saved but you may save them manually for future reference.

Yes, you can deactivate the service over Dynamic IVR, "Azercell" app or through Customer Care.