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Pack list

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100 MB + unlim
Validity period:1 day

Fast activation: *100*101#YES

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400 MB + unlim
Validity period: 3 days

Fast activation: *100*401#YES

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1 GB + unlim
Validity period:14 days

Fast activation: *100*1001#YES

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3 GB + unlim
Validity period:30 days

Fast activation: *100*3001#YES

Additional information

To activate roaming:

  • Postpaid subscribers can send SMS with the keyword START to 8808. The cost of each SMS to 8808 is 0.01 AZN.
  • Prepaid subscribers can dial *135*1#YES.

Connection via QR code:

To activate the service, QR code must be scanned through the Kabinetim application (Android or iOS):

To get information about tariffs, enter the name of the country you are going to travel in the search section at the top of the page.


  • Check whether Azercell has a roaming partnership with a telecom operator in the destination country before you travel.
  • If you are a postpaid subscriber, ensure that there are no outstanding charges on your account. To check, call or send an empty (blank) SMS to 650. Each SMS to 650 costs 0.02 AZN.
  • Certain overseas telecom operators do not support 4G/LTE. If you have issues connecting with a network overseas, disable 4G on your device and opt for 3G instead.

The following Azercell services can be used to top up the balance while abroad:


To make a call while roaming, use the international dialing format:

[+] [country code] [city code / mobile operator code] [number].

If you have any questions while roaming, you can call Customer Care Center in the following format:

  • Postpaid subscribers: +994124905252, +994506565000;
  • Prepaid subscribers: +994124904949, +994502002111;
  • Corporate subscribers: +994124904940;994506050000;

Calls to the mentioned numbers will be charged from 0.70 AZN per minute after the expiration of the 45-minute free call period.

Call interval – 1 second.


  • Postpaid subscribers can send SMS with the keyword STOP to 8808. The cost of each SMS sent to 8808 is 0.01 AZN.
  • Prepaid subscribers need to dial *135*0#YES.
List of countries and operators where roaming internet packs are available