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Social Media packs

Social Media packs

Azercell offers individual internet packages for social media users!

With social network packs, you can always be active on social media without using the traffic of the main internet package.

Note: Packs can be activated only by subscribers of the "İstəSən" tariff.

Sosial Media packs

Additional information

Sending a blank(empty) SMS to 2525 or dialing *100#YES will reveal detailed information about the current internet package’s balance.


SMSs sent to 2525 are free of charge for prepaid subscribers.

Internet access will be deactivated at the end of the validity period or bill cycle of the tariff plan. The subscriber will be redirected to the web page to activate a new internet package. On this page, the subscriber can зurchase any Internet package.

The internet usage without a package is charged at 1 MB = AZN 0.05 AZN on "IsteSen" tariff subscribers.

All internet data expires at the end of the day/month (according to the plan) and cannot be rolled over.

It is possible to subscribe to several packages at the same time:

  • It is not possible to use 2 internet packages intended for the same social network simultaniously. In this case, the current package must be deactivated to purchase a new one.
  • At least 95% of the internet traffic in the current package must be used to get a new package intended for the same social network. In this case, the previous pack’s remaining traffic will be removed.
  • Subscribers of the "İstəSən" tariff can activate Social Media packs at any time.

Note: Subscribers of the renewable monthly internet package "TikTok 1 GB-2 AZN" needs to deactivate the current pack to subscribe to the non-renewable TikTok internet package.

Yes. However, usage costs will be charged at roaming rates.

Internet package speed will vary depending on the conditions within the network coverage area. Average speeds subscribers may get are as below:

In ideal conditions within areas of 4G (LTE) coverage:

  • Download: 190 Mbps
  • Upload: 95 Mbps

In typical conditions within areas of 4G (LTE) coverage:

  • Download: 27.8 Mbps
  • Upload: 18.5 Mbps

In ideal conditions within areas of 3G coverage:

  • Download: 21.6 Mbps


Internet packs can be deactivated by sending the relevant keyword to 2525or dialing the USSD code. The internet package is canceled when deactivated, and the remaining internet traffic is reset. The usage of the internet without a pack is charged according to the current tariff:

Instagram& Facebook 500 - *100*011#YES or stopif5002525; 

Instagram& Facebook 1 - *100*022#YES or stopif12525;       

Instagram& Facebook 2 - *100*033#YES or stopif22525;         

TikTok 1 - *100*044#YES or stoptt12525;       

TikTok 2 - *100*055#YES or  stoptt22525;        

TikTok 5 - *100*066#YES or  stoptt52525;        

Youtube 1 - *100*077#YES or  stopyt12525;   

Youtube 2 - *100*088#YES or  stopyt2 ➜ 2525;     

Youtube 5 - *100*099#YES or  stopyt52525.  


  • If the subscriber SMS "STOP ay" to 2525 to cancel the monthly internet package, all current social media internet packages will also be deactivated.
  • If the subscriber cancels the subscription to the monthly internet package by sending ay minus to 2525, the period of usage of the Social Media internet packs is remain until the expiration of the package.
  • SMS sent to 2525 are free of charge for prepaid subscribers.
  • For postpaid subscribers, the price of each SMS sent to 2525 is AZN 0.01.