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From 04/15/2022, subscription to the monthly "60MB" internet pack is suspended. Subscribers who subscribed to the pack until 15.04.2022 will be able to continue using it if they do not deactivate the package.

Pack details


  • Internet data included in this pack 60 MB
~1 hour

Social Networking

~3 hours


~3 hours



  • Package cost for Prepaid and Postpaid 1

Validity period

  • Validity period for internet data 15 days

Recommended tariff


Enjoy the youth!

  • icon
6 GB


600 min.

In - tariff


To subscribe send "G9" to 7575

More details
3 GB


300 min.

In - tariff


To subscribe send "G6" to 7575

More details
1 GB


100 min.

In - tariff


To subscribe send "G2" to 7575

More details

*Note: The hours shown in the table are approximate and are intended for the one corresponding to the type of activity indicated.

Additional information

To deactivate the monthly internet package, prepaid and postpaid subscribers should send stop ay or 0 to 2525 or dial *100*0#YES. In this case, the pack is canceled immediately. When the monthly package subscription is canceled, the remaining internet is completely reset and internet usage is calculated according to the current tariff plan.

Internet access will be deactivated at the end of the validity period or billing cycle of the tariff plan. The subscriber will be redirected to the page to activate a new internet pack.

The main advantage of this service is the convenience of an automatic renewal reminder when you have used up your data balance. In such cases, the subscriber is redirected to the download page to continue using the mobile Internet.

 After redirection the subscriber can choose between three option:

  1. Renew the existing pack
  2. Order a new larger pack
  3. Continue to use the Internet without pack (1 MB – 0.05 AZN)

After the end of the traffic provided within the 50GB internet pack, the subscriber can use the Internet for free at a maximum speed of 128 kbps until the next renewal.

Yes, you are free to order multiple packs on the same day. 

If the subscriber wishes to order a pack of a volume less than your current pack, he/she must use up at least 95% of the internet traffic in the current pack.

As of 03.04.2019, there are no restrictions on ordening a larger internet pack than your current pack.

The subscription to the monthly internet pack is not canceled, when you connect to daily, hourly packs, as well as to packages for weekends, if a monthly subscription to the internet pack is activated.

No, if there are enough funds in the subscriber's account, the system automatically renew the same internet pack at the end of the period of use.

The system will try to update the pack automatically within 90 days, if there are not enough funds in the balance of the prepaid subscriber to renew the internet pack,

The system checks the line within 90 days after blocking incoming and outgoing calls of postpaid subscribers. If the line has not been activated by the end of this period, the subscription is automatically cancelled.

To get information about your balance, send a blank (empty) SMS to 2525 or dial *100#YES on your phone. This service is provided free of charge for prepaid subscribers and costs 0.01 AZN for postpaid subscribers. 

The internet pack is activated for both prepaid and post-paid line subscribers immediately after the request is received.

You will receive an SMS with confirmation of internet pack activation before you can use it.

All internet packs expire at the end of the day/month (according to the internet pack) and cannot be transferred to the next day/month.

Yes, it is possible to use the mobile Internet while roaming is active. The internet usage fee will be calculated in accordance with the roaming rates.

Postpaid subscribers who subscribe to the internet pack in the current billing cycle will get the subscription fees in the following bill cycle. If the billing cycle is longer than 30 days, the next invoice may reflect the charges for both the current and next month’s internet packs.

When using monthly data packs, the internet speed isn’t limited and the subscriber can use the maximum network speed.

This campaign ended on 27.02.2019.


As of 08.02.2016, internet bonuses provided within Samsung, Galaxy Tab and Huawei campaigns are used before the bonuses from other packages. This applies to all prepaid and postpaid subscribers using these packs mentioned below:

  • 50MB/500MB/1GB/5GB/10GB internet packs
  • Daily 500MB internet packs
  • 10GB=10AZN promotion
  • "GəncOL" tariff

If the data is used up before the end of internet pack respective validity period, internet access will be suspended. The subscriber will then be redirected to to order a new pack.

Monthly internet packs conditions will be applied once the Data Card and Galaxy Tab campaigns end.

If 50GB monthly internet pack is active on the balance of the subscriber, it will not be possible to use “Sərfəli 10GB” and “Sərfəli 30GB” monthly internet packs.