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New Year Campaign!


General information

Creating the new digital world with you and for you, Azercell is also happy to bring you special gifts in the upcoming year! Starting from 09.12.2019 and till 13.01.2020 we have a fantastic offer for ivi, Bookmate and Zvuk users! Watch unlimited movies on ivi, listen to music on Zvuk all day or download hundreds of books to your device with Bookmate! No matter how much you use them, the number of megabytes spent will be zero – you only pay for the subscription!

For subscribers who use the services for the first time: Zvuk and Bookmate-the first 7 days for free, ivi-the first 14 days for free!



Services and subscription:


To subscribe to monthly

Price of subscription AZN

ivi Mobil Cinem











The number must be opem both waysThe balance must be at least 1 manatThe Internet line must be active



Campaign covers all of packages (daily/weekly/monthly)To use the campaign, the subscriber must have an open Internet connection.In the absence of an Internet package, some payments may be deducted for the use of the Internet for other services. It is desirable that the user has a minimum Internet package.