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Discounts on Novruz holidays!


General information

We have special discounts for you on Tuesdays!

Special for you "Serbest 15" package with 20% discount, not for 15 AZN, but only 12 AZN!

Congratulations to everyone on the first Tuesday of Novruz - Su Chershenbesi (Water Tuesday)!




  • Any Pre-paid customer could join Serbest tariff.
  • Texting in WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber, Twitter,Facebook Messenger applications included in respective Serbest Tariff is free.
  • It would be given additional 2GB for Facebook application will be for free.
  • During migration to Serbest tariff subscription fee is deducted from the balance and bonuses are returned instead on to balance. Bonuses utilization period is 30 days. After validity period end of the tariff bonuses are erased and are not rolled to the next month
  • During the month, not more than once a day, it is possible to renew the pack unlimited number of times. In order to renew the pack the respective keyword should be sent to 7575 short code.
  • During the renewal current pack’s bonuses will be erased.In order to learn about tariff bonuses anytime you can send empty SMS to 2112 short code. Price of sent SMS is 0.02 AZN
  • In Serbest Tariff after bonuses are expired , but there is still time till validity period end ,all-net minute price is 0.06 AZN.
  • Next month if customer will not have enough money on his balance(including money for internet pack purchase) price for services utilization will be: 1MB=0.1 AZN, 1 on-net minute=0.06 AZN, 1 off-net minute=0.08 AZN
  • Serbest customers could use any monthly, daily, unlimited data pack. During tariff change current data pack stays active.
  • If Serbest customers utilize additional internet packs, except 50 GB internet pack, priority will be given to these pack.
  • After completion of in-tariff internet bonuses, utilization of internet without a pack will be calculated according to 1MB=0.10 AZN tariff. Rounding for internet traffic calculation is 51KB
  • Rounding interval for calls is 60 seconds.
  • During migration from Serbest Tariff to the different one current bonuses of the tariff are erased
  • In-tariff minutes includes only calls made from Serbest Prepaid to Serbest Prepaid and from Serbest Postpaid to Serbest Postpaid respectively

All prices VAT inclusive