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Discounts on Novruz holidays!


Happy Earth Tuesday!


General information

Only on this Tuesday "GencOL9" tariff is only for 6 AZN!



Send "G9" to 7575 to join or just activate in Kabinetim!


Campaign period

The offer is valid on 17.03.2020.


  • During subscription to GəncOL tariff, existing internet package balance will be also transferred to G ə ncOL tariff
  • The validity period of GəncOL9 packs are valid for 30 days, after validity period end, pack will be automatically renewed. To check tariff bonuses, send empty SMS to 2112 short number or dial *111*1*7#YES on the screen of your phone. The price of sent SMS is 0.02 AZN.
  • To check tariff bonuses , empty SMS to 2112 short number could be sent or *111*1*7#YES dialed on the screen of your phone. The price of sent SMS is 0.02 AZN
  • Subscription to the tariff could be by sending appropriate keyword to 7575 or by dialing the following USSD code: GəncOL 9: *750*4*09#YES
  • If GəncOL pack internet bonuses will be run out before the validity period end of the pack, you can renew your pack by sending appropriate keyword to 7575 short code.
  • If in-tariff minutes or SMS of GəncOL tariff will run out before 30 days validity period end, but İnternet MB bonuses will be left, renewal of the pack will be impossible.
  • After renewal or deactivation of GəncOL pack, remaining minutes, SMS, internet MBs and social apps texting MBs within the pack will be cancelled.
  • After pack bonuses run out in-tariff call minute price will be 0.02 AZN, country wide all-net minute will be 0.06 AZN, 1 MB price - 0.1 AZN, 1 SMS price -0.05 AZN. Next month if subscriber will not have enough money on balance for monthly tariff fee, all-net minute price will be 0.08 AZN.
  • While using internet packs priority will be given to Monthly Internet pack utilization.
  • It is possible to use several packs at the same time .
  • The last ordered Internet pack will be automatically renewed on your balance.
  • If there is an internet pack on a balance, if you want to order pack of the less volume, 95% of existing internet pack quota should be utilized.
  • After migration from different tariff to G ə ncOL, the renewal will be possible only after 24 hours.
  • In GencOL9 tariff chatting for WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber, Twitter, Facebook Messenger applications is for free

All prices VAT inclusive