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Beautiful numbers with "Sərbəst" tariff

Complete your status with a beautiful number!


General information

Postpaid subscribers who subscribe to any "Sərbəst" tariff package now get a beautiful number of their choice as a gift.

A one-time 50% discount is applied when connecting the tariff for the first time.


Starting from 22.12.2023, new subscriptions to the "Gözəl nömrələr" campaign intended for numbers with prepaid (SimSim) line system and the "Sərbəst tarifli gözəl nömrələr" campaign intended for numbers with post-paid line system, will be suspended. The customer who has already joined one of the campaigns till 22.12.2023 will continue to benefit from it. 


Find one of the most memorable and beautiful numbers on the website  and get the number of your choice at any official dealer store or Azercell Customer Care.

Additional information

The campaign is intended only for postpaid subscribers who have recently subscribed to the "Sərbəst 15", "Sərbəst 25", "Sərbəst 50" or "Sərbəst 75" tariff packages.

After selecting any beautiful number, you can change the tariff. However, the current tariff can be changed only by switching to another "Sərbəst" tariff package to which this campaign applies: "Sərbəst 15", "Sərbəst 25", "Sərbəst 50" or "Sərbəst 75"

"Sərbəst" tariff package is required to be used for at least 12 months.

If the user performs one of the following operations related to the additional number on the relevant service, a fine of 50 AZN is imposed:

  • When a number is transferred to another person's name
  • When the number is canceled by a subscriber
  • In case of switching to the tariff for the postpaid system, which isn’t provided within the campaign
  • When a subscriber moves to the corporate customer segment
  • When a subscriber switches to a prepaid line tariff
  • When switching to a completely different tariff, except for "Sərbəst" tariff packs