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Web SMS, Flash SMS, Danışan SMS



Dialing tips for sending SMS

  • within the country: operator code, number
  • abroad: +, country code, operator code, number


  • 1 SMS – 0.05 AZN
  • 1 SMS within Tələbə 1-liyi tariff – 0.05 AZN

To choose the language for Azercell system messages send the respective keyword to +994509103300 (1 SMS – 0.05 AZN):


  • Maximum number of characters in 1 SMS: in Latin alphabet – 160, in Cyrillic alphabet – 70.
  • SMS service number is +994 50 910 33 00. SMS delivery is not guaranteed in roaming or to international numbers due to technical incompatibilities.
  • Guaranteed delivery period for SMS is 168 hours.


You can send 100 online SMS daily – 10 on-net free web messages and the rest of all charged messages within the country.

To use Web-SMS service, register at Online Services page.

Web SMS is received from the number of person sending SMS, this makes it possible to reply to SMS directly.

Price for Web SMS is the same as standard SMS price for the tariff used.

Notes: You can text only in latin alphabet.


If you want to send an urgent message, type *flash# at the beginning of your message and the message will be displayed right on the recipient’s mobile phone screen.

Example: *flash# call me!

1 Flash SMS is at the price of 1 Standard SMS.

Note: Flash SMS is not kept in memory.


With Danışan SMS service you can send on-net voice messages. Just key in * before the number (* operator code and number) and leave your voice message.

Danışan SMS comes with ring from 6996 and sender number. In case this call is missed you get notification.

By calling 6996 during 30 days you can listen to your new messages, and to replay the messages during 72 hours.

You can listen to your saved messages by calling 6997.


  • 1 Danışan SMS is 0.05 AZN per every 20 seconds
  • Call to 6996 - first 30 seconds are free of charge, then 0.007 AZN per minute
  • Call to 6997 – 0.06 AZN