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Xəbər ver

Get notified of missed calls when your phone was switched off or outside network coverage


General Information

"Xəbər ver" means ‘Notify Me’ and is an enhanced version of "Buraxılmış zəng" service. It doesn’t just notify you of missed calls but simultaneously also informs the caller that you are available to receive calls again.


  • Buraxılmış zəng free of charge
  • Buraxılmış zəng + Xəbər ver 0.10

How to activate

To activate "Buraxılmış zəng", forward calls to 6080 from your phone or dial **62*6080#YES

To activate "Buraxılmış zəng" + "Xəbər ver" services, SMS START to 6080 (SMS is free of charge) or dial *608*1#YES 



Service cost

"Xəbər ver" costs just 0.10 AZN per month.

Subscription to "Buraxılmış zəng" is free of charge.

  • Each SMS contains information about one called number.
  • Information about missed calls is stored in system for 7 days and will be delivered when the phone is switched on. If the phone is not switched on within seven days, information on missed calls will be removed from the system.

Additional Information

"Xəbər ver" is a useful feature for anyone travelling through areas with poor cell reception. It is also convenient if you are leaving the country temporarily but not using a roaming service.

B number with active “Xəbər ver” service gets calls while the phone is switched off or out of network coverage. When the subscriber moves back into the network coverage he/she gets the report of missed calls from 6080. ​At the same time, the caller (A number) gets a message that the B number is available now.

It is similar but not the same. "Buraxılmış zəng" simply informed you of a missed call. "Xəbər ver" adds the convenience of informing (via SMS) the person who was unable to reach you earlier that your number is available to receive calls again.

To deactivate "Buraxılmış Zənglər" + "Xəbər ver", SMS STOP to 6080 or dial *608*0#YES on your phone. Deactivation via SMS is free of charge.