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Buraxılmış zəng and Xəbər ver service

Get notified of missed calls when your phone was switched off or outside network coverage


General Information

When the phone is switched off or out of range, in addition to receiving information about who and when made all missed calls, subscribers will also receive an automatic SMS notification that the other party has returned to the network via these services.


  • "Buraxılmış zəng" service 0.20
  • "Buraxılmış zəng" and "Xəbər ver" services 0.30

How to activate

To activate "Buraxılmış zəng" service, it is required to dial *608*01#YES or send the keyword START to 6080.

To activate "Buraxılmış zəng and Xəbər ver" services (activates both services), it is required to dial *608*1#YES or or send the keyword START+ to 6080.

  • The service is free of charge for Azercell corporate subscribers.
  • Only 1 missed call is reported within 1 SMS .
  • The details of missed calls are stored in the system for 7 days and are delivered "immediately" when the phone is activated. If the phone is not activated within 7 days, the details are deleted from the system.
  • The service is updated automatically every 30 days.
  • "Xəbər ver" service does not work when "Buraxılmış Zəng" service is not activated in the number and subscription fee is not paid.

Additional Information

"Xəbər ver" and "Buraxılmış zəng" services can be useful for any user in areas where signals are poorly received. These services also provide a unique opportunity for subscribers who are temporarily leaving the country and do not use roaming services.

The principle of operation of "Xəbər ver”  and “Buraxılmış zəng" services is as follows:

When the phone is switched off or out of range, a call is made to the number (subscriber B) where the "Xəbər ver” service is activated. When an out-of-network subscriber (subscriber B) returns to the network, he receives a message from the “Buraxılmış zəng" (6080) service. The caller (subscriber A)  receives a message with the content that “Subscriber B's number has returned to the network. You can call him/her again.”

There are similarities between these services, but they are not the same. The "Buraxılmış zəng" service notifies subscribers about missed calls when they return to the network. The "Xəbər ver" service provides information (SMS notification) immediately after returning to the network about the missed calls when the subscriber is out of range or the phone is switched off.

To deactivate the "Buraxılmış zəng and Xəbər ver" services, it is requirede to send STOP to 6080 or dial *608*0#YES. The service is free.

To deactivate the "Xəbər ver" service, it is requirede to send STOP+ to 6080 or dial *608*001#YES. The service is free.