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For public sector employees



Monthly Subscription

  • Monthly Fee 3


  • Bonus on-net calls 50 min.

In-tariff prices

  • Calls 0.02
  • 1 SMS 0.05

Out-of-tariff prices

  • Local calls on-net 0.06
  • Local calls off-net 0.09
  • 1 MB 0.40

Join now

Apply at any Azercell Express or Azercell Customer Service office with your personal ID and matching proof of employment such as company ID or employment letter.


* Charging interval: for calls – 60 seconds, for Internet – 51 KB

Additional call packs within tariff

  • 500 min. 5
  • 1500 min. 10

To subscribe to one of these packs for on-net calls SMS the keywords ("500" or "1500") to 8770.
Activation for first-time subscribers occurs within 24 hours.

For all balance-related information send info to 8770, to unsubscribe from call packs, send STOP MIN to 8770. 

Each SMS to 8770 costs 0.012 AZN. 

Requests sent to the short number 8770 are processed within 24 hours. The package can be used only after receiving a confirmation message. The submitted packages are updated at each billing period.

Note: In order to further improve the quality of services provided and optimize tariffs from 27.02.2023 “Call packs” services intended for the Prepaid (SimSim) and Postpaid subscribers of "Azercell Telecom" LLC will be canceled!

Subscribers who have taken advantage of these packages until the specified date will be able to continue using them until the end of the relevant period of use. Learn more

Additional information

Yes, all public sector employees can transfer up to 4 existing numbers to Dövlətcell. Quantity of free numbers will depend on the use of current active numbers.

All SMSs are charged at 0.05 AZN each.

*As of 12.02.2019 in numbers referring to postpaid line system the charge for each SMS within the existing tariff packages “Bizimkilər”, “Hər yerə”, “Biznes200”, “Aile Tarif”, “Dövlətcell”, “SOCAR” and “Mediacell” will constitute 0.05 AZN. Meanwhile, the charge for every additional SMS sent beyond “Hedsiz” and “Hedsiz Zeng” tariff packages will constitute 0.05 AZN.

If you use up the allocated free bonus minutes, the cost of calls, SMSs and data will be deducted from your main balance.
All bonus minutes expire at the end of the billing cycle and cannot be rolled over to the next month.
You can only switch call packs at the end of your current billing cycle.

Yes, the free calls can only be used for on-net calls. Also, they do not apply to short numbers, redirected calls, Bizklub calls or calls to roaming numbers.

The cost of these calls is deducted from your main balance.

The mentioned prices of the tariff do not include calls to special coded (dialed with *) numbers.

You can get more information from this link.

All prices VAT inclusive