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For War Veterans

Thank you for your service


General Information

From now on war veterans after each first monthly top-up get 100% of the amount as a bonus!

The campaign is for Prepaid subscribers.

The campaign is valid from 02.04.2015.


To join the campaign apply to Customer Care or Azercell Ekspres offices with your personal ID-card and the document certifying that you are a veteran.

Additional information

To be eligible, you will have to present documents certifying your status as a War Veteran issued by the Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of National Security, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Emergency Situations, Special State Protection Service or the State Border Service.

These documents will be checked against your personal ID card to confirm your eligibility. This process may be performed at any Azercell Exclusive offices.

The campaign bonus may only be redeemed once on the number of your choosing.
Users may only claim this promotion on a number registered in their own name.
The bonuses can only be used for on-net calls and SMS. They may not be used to contact short numbers. SMSs must be used within 7 days.
All bonuses expire at the end of the validity period.

To deactivate or unsubscribe, send a blank (empty) SMS to 1010. A code will be sent to your number in response. Resend the code to 1010 to confirm that you wish to end your subscription. 

All SMSs sent to 1010 are free of cost.

It is not possible to re-subscribe to this promotion once you have unsubscribed.
Postpaid subscribers are not eligible for this promotion.