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SuperSən 1GB

Super beneficial tariff!


Tariff Internet Minutes Price Usage period
SuperSen 1GB

100 min.


30 days

Additional information

Only new prepaid line subscribers may subscribe to the "SuperSən 1GB" tariff pack.

The tariff can be activated by purchasing a new number at the official sales and service centers of Azercell. To renew the package, you can send SS1 to 7575 or dial *750*4*101#YES.

The tariff is valid for 30 days and at the end of this period, the tariff package will be automatically renewed if there are sufficient funds on the balance. If there are not enough funds on the balance, the system will try to update the tariff until there is enough money on the balance.

"SuperSən 1GB" tariff provides up to 1GB traffic for texting in WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger applications. When the traffic allocated for messaging ends, the user will be able take advantage of other internet resources available on his balance. If there are no other traffic resources on the balance, it will not be possible to text for free.

When the “SuperSən 1GB” tariff is activated, the subscription fee is deducted from the balance and tariff bonuses are added to the balance. Bonuses are valid for 30 days. After the expiration date, the existing bonuses are not carried over to the next month and are reset.

To renew the package, you need to send SS1 to 7575 or dial *750*4*101#YES.

The package can be renewed for a month, no more than once a day, within 24 hours.

You can get information about tariff bonuses at any time by sending an empty SMS to 2112 short number. The cost of SMS is 0.02 AZN.

If all bonuses provided within the "SuperSən 1GB" tariff have been used, but the package has not yet expired, the cost of 1 minute within the country will be 0.06 AZN.

If there are not enough funds on the balance for the next monthly subscription (as well as if there are no other internet packages), the cost of the service:

  • 1 call (on-net/off-net) is 0.08 AZN per minute.
  • 1MB = 0.05 AZN
  • 1 SMS = 0.05 AZN

Subscribers of "SuperSən 1GB" tariff can use any monthly, daily, hourly and unlimited packages. When changing the tariff, the existing internet pack and traffic resources within the package remain active.

Priority for use will be given to Internet packages in all cases, with the exception of 55GB.

To renew the package, you need to send SS1 to 7575 or dial *750*4*101#YES.

To order a new pack, the subscriber can also be redirected to a special page using links. She/He can activate the internet pack here or choose to use without package.

1 MB=0.05 AZN. The calculation interval of the internet is 51KB.

The call calculation interval is 60 seconds.

When switching from "SuperSən" tariff pack to another, the bonuses of the existing package are canceled.

In-tariff bonus minutes cannot be used for roaming, international calls, special coded (dialed with *) and short numbers. Also, if a call is made to the subscriber's phone within the framework of the "Pay for my call" service, the relevant funds will be deducted from the balance, not from the minutes provided within the tariff.

For each request sent to 7575, 0.01 AZN is deducted from the balance.

The price of 1 SMS is 0.05 AZN.

Bonuses are transferred to the balance immediately after successfully joining the "SuperSən" tariff or renewing the tariff. Internet bonuses and minutes provided within the tariff can be renewed at different times.

Priority is first given to traffic intended for texting, and then to the basic package of the tariff. After the resources of the basic package are exhausted and there is no active internet pack, the subscriber is redirected to a special page with links.