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"Sərbəst" tariff packs

Stay in touch everywhere!


Stay in touch everywhere with "Sərbəst" tariff packs

The campaign covers only “Sərbəst 50" and “Sərbəst 75" tariff packages. The campaign also provides 1GB and 2GB internet in roaming, according to the “Sərbəst 50" and “Sərbəst 75" tariffs. The campaign will be valid from 20.06.22 to 31.12.2023 and can be used only while roaming.

List of countries and operators where roaming internet packs are available

Additional information

The campaign is intended only for postpaid subscribers.

Additional internet is provided together with the bonuses of the “Sərbəst” tariff package and can be used in countries where the standard roaming package is active.

If any roaming package is active in the subscriber's number, the standard package must be canceled in order to activate the internet package provided within the "Sərbəst" tariff. If the package isn’t canceled, the subscriber is redirected to the landing page, where she/he can update or change the tariff. Also, when the standard roaming package is active, priority is given to that pack. Then it is possible to take advantage of the bonuses of the "Sərbəst" tariff.

It is possible to re-order the “Sərbəst” tariff when the bonuses run out. In this case, the subscriber is redirected to the landing page.