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“Gift Wheel” Campaign

Get a surprise gift every week!


General information

  1. “Gift Wheel” campaign period: 01.03.2021 - 31.12.2021.
  2. The campaign week starts every Friday and lasts until 23:59 p.m. next Thursday. During this period, customers can participate in the campaign any day and at any time.
  3. Customers are eligible to win only one gift in one campaign week.
  4. All individual prepaid  and postpaid  customers  are eligible to join the campaign (excluding data tariff numbers).
  5. To join  the campaign customers are required to register personal information (name, last name, date of birth and gender). Collected data can be utilized to improve quality of Azercell services and products.
  6. New Azercell customers, migrated numbers (prepaid to postpaid, postpaid to prepaid, from other operators to Azercell), or reactivated numbers are elibigle to win gifts in the next campaign week following the number activation.
  7. Numbers have to be in active status to be eligible for gift. Numbers with outgoing or outgoing and incoming barred status should be activated to win gifts.
  8. If numbers with outgoing or outgoing and incoming barred status are activated before the subscriber segment (customer groups) of the current week is determined - they can participate in the campaign from the current week; if they are activated after the subscriber segment is determined - they can participate in the campaign from the next gift week.
  9. Gifts are activated within 24 hours. When gift is activated an activation SMS will be sent.
  10. The priority of using all bonuses provided within the "Gift Wheel" campaign is higher than all other paid services and campaigns. Exceptions: 1, 3 and 6 hours unlimited internet packages, ‘’Tehsil’’ data package, as well as 8959 SMS package. The priority of using the SberZvuk bonus is higher than 1, 3 and 6 hours unlimited internet packages.
  11. Bonuses earned within the campaign cannot be used for "Mobile Payment", "Paycell", "Roaming", "Simcredit", "Mobile Finance" services and short numbers.
  12. Bonuses provided within the campaign will expire at the end of their validity period and bonus remainder will be liquidated. 
  13. As part of the "Gift Wheel" campaign, you also have the opportunity to subscribe to the data packs with favorable terms and payment. Detailed information about the package will be sent via SMS to the subscriber who has gained this opportunity. It is possible to join the pack by sending the keyword mentioned in the message to 5005.

To join campaign:

Join on Kabinetim mobile application or web Kabinetim.

Participation in the campaign is free of charge.

Additional information

All Azercell individual customers are eligible to join the campaign except for data tariff numbers.  If you have more than 1 number, you can join campaign with each number.

Your number’s line status has to be active to win the gift.

You can join the campaign by downloading Azercell Kabinetim application on your device or via web Kabinetim.  To join campaign press ‘’Win now‘‘ banner. Then, you need to register your personal information only for the first time and press ‘’Submit and start’’ button to open ‘’Gift Wheel’’ campaign.  After that all you need to do is press ‘‘Start’‘ button to win the gift. You can join the campaign every week the same way.

It happens only if you are a corporate or data tariff customer. If not, please update Kabinetim app in AppStore or PlayMarket.

There is no charge. This campaign is introduced to thank you  for being  an Azercell customer.

Provided gifts include onnet minutes, onnet SMS, Internet, internet for social media and Azercell+ services.

Gifts are defined and allocated based on a statistical model calculating historical revenue, data usage,voice usage, tenure, handset type  and activity of each number.

You will receive SMS notification as soon as the gift will be activated. You can start using your gift after receiving SMS notification.

It is possible to check the balance of all bonuses through the Kabinetim web or application. In addition, you can find out the balance of gift internet packages by dialing *100#YES or by sending an empty SMS to 2525.

USSD request and request to 2525 are free of charge.

You will be informed via SMS notification when internet gift balance is finished or validity is expired. In case of voice and SMS gift packs you will not receive any notification.

Gift balance is not transferrable to any other number or period.