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Azercell applications on "Umico"!


Good news for Umico users!

You can use the digital services of “Azercell Telecom” LLC also on Umico app now.

To do this, go to the “Home Page” and enter the “Cashback Services” section on the Umico app.

Information about Azercell apps that you can use on Umico can be found on the following pages:







The digital services of Azercell (BluTV, Bookmate, NNTV, Иви, SberZvuk) have been available for use via Umico mobile app since 01.07.2021.

To register on the application, you must have a mobile phone number. Each user must register using his/her mobile phone number.

Only Azercell subscribers can use Azercell digital services via Umico app.

If a subscriber is registered on Umico app not via Azercell number, he/she can use digital services by adding his/her mobile number.

Subscribers can activate Azercell digital services only via Umico app. Any service can be deactivated via SMS \ USSD channels and Kabinetim mobile app.

The following applications of Azercell can be used on Umico app:

  • Иви - daily\monthly packs;
  • BluTV - daily\weekly\monthly packs;
  • Bookmate - daily\weekly\monthly packs;
  •  NNTV - daily\monthly packs (only 200+);
  • SberZvuk - daily\weekly\monthly packs.

The service fee for using the app is charged from the balance of the mobile number.

Digital services activated via Umico app are updated automatically.

An SMS notification is sent to the user who has activated any Azercell digital service in Umico.

To activate Azercell digital services, the subscriber should go to the “Home page” and enter the “Cashback services” section on Umico app.

The update will be carried out in stages on Umico app.

For more information on digital services, see the “Frequently Asked Questions” section.