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“Tehsil” data pack


General information

With the “Tehsil” data pack offered exclusively by Azercell, pupils, students and of course, teachers can easily continue their studies despite the limitations of social isolation.

As a global leader in digital solutions Microsoft company with its "Microsoft Teams" application allows users to connect to video conferencing for an unlimited amount of time, regardless of time and place. But “Microsoft Teams” isn't an ordinary video calling application. A number of innovative features of “Teams” make the learning process easy and effective. You can also use the application on all current operating platforms: iOS, Android, Windows, MacOS and any web browser.

“Tehsil” data pack provided by Azercell is available in daily and monthly packages.


Detailed information

*It is recommended to use “Tehsil” data pack together with other main internet packages. For more information about our internet packages, visit here: link

You can download the “Microsoft Teams” application from the following links:




Web browser


Additional information

This pack is designed for both postpaid and prepaid users. Corporate subscribers can’t join the package.
The speed of the internet within the “Tehsil” data pack is 2 mbit/s. For checking your balance, write "balance" and send to 2525 (dial *100#YES) or enter “Kabinetim”.
If the user has an hourly, weekend or night package on his balance, preference will be given to those packages.
The “Tehsil” data pack is for Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Teams in a web browser only. In Microsoft Teams, subscribers can make audio, video calls, send text messages (file uploads not included); “Microsoft Teams” can be used on these platforms: Android, iOS, Windows/MacOS, Web-browser.
For stopping the ““Tehsil” data pack, write “Stop tehsil” and send to 2525.
This package can be obtained in addition to other internet packages. Both packages are updated automatically. Daily - after 24 hours, monthly - after 30 days.

“Təhsil” internet package can’t be ordered with the amount of 3 AZN added to the balance within the “Xoş gəldin” campaign.