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Buy Internet - get Zvuk as a gift!


General information

Buy Internet - get premium subscription for Zvuk application for 30 days as a gift!


Join to one of the mentioned Internet packages and tariffs, Zvuk premium application for 30 days as a gift!

  • If a subscriber orders 1GB, 5GB, 10GB, Unlimited Internet packages or GencOL5, GencOL 8, Hedsiz, Hedsiz Internet during the campaign period, he/she subscribes to the campaign.
  • If packages are renewed and no new package is obtained, a subscriber does not participate in the campaign.
  • Subscriber is provided with free Zvuk during 30 calendar days.
  • The remaining part gets cancelled for subscribers with 7-day free subscription and a 30-day offer is provided.
  • On completion of 30-day period, a subscriber shifts to a daily subscription and the service fee in the amount of 0.15 AZN is applied.
  • Subscriber may participate  in the campaign only once.
  • If a subscriber has an active monthly subscription to Zvuk, 30-day free subscription to Zvuk will be provided to him/her on completion of the current subscription and later a daily package will be activated.
  • In order to cancel the service, it is required to send STOP to 7707 via SMS or dial the code *708#Yes.
  • Upon deactivation of Zvuk service, it is possible to use the service until the end of the current period (for free during the remaining period).
  • All types of SMS related to Zvuk will be received from short number 7707.

All prices VAT inclusive