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Samsung A flagship smartphones and annual Internet traffic as a gift from Azerсell!

The line of the most popular smartphones in the Azercell stores circuit.


In order to take advantage of the campaign, it is enough to buy a smartphone from the Samsung A line in the one of official dealer or exclusive stores of Azercell until 15.01.2020.

  • The campaign provides in total 12 GB which are distributed as 1 GB per month.
  • The campaign involves all new subscribers who are connected to the Azercell network on the day of smartphone purchase.
  • Bonus Internet package must be activated in the store immediately after the phone purchase.
  • After successful activation of the campaign, the subscriber should receive an appropriate SMS notification.
  • Bonus Internet package is only active on the purchased phone itself.
  • If the number is used on another device, bonus Internet package will be unavailable and will be eliminated from the number.
  • An Internet bonus can only be added to a number that is in the “active” status.
  • If there is an Internet package on balance, then the “Smartfon + 1 il İnternet” campaign will have a priority in traffic consumption.
  • The campaign is canceled if the subscriber switches from postpaid to prepaid or vice versa.

All prices VAT inclusive