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1GB per month for 1 year with a new Galaxy A!


General information

Starting from 15.12.2023, as Azercell we are starting the New Year campaign jointly with with Samsung! As part of the campaign, subscribers who purchase Samsung Galaxy A series smartphones from Azercell and Kontakt Home stores will receive 1GB of internet as a gift every month and will benefit from it for 1 year. The package will be automatically canceled after 12 months. Thereafter, if the subscriber wants to continue using the internet, he/she will have to choose and activate any internet pack. The campaign is valid until 31.01.2024.

Additional information

Within the campaign, subscribers who purchase any Samsung Galaxy A series smartphones will receive 1GB free internet for 12 months, and the pack will be automatically renewed every 30 days.

To deactivate the pack provided under the campaign, the subscriber should contact Azercell Customer Care. The internet pack will be canceled automatically after 12 months.

Smartphones and their prices presented within the campaign:




SM-A055 4GB 64GB LTE

Galaxy A05

259 ₼

SM-A055 4GB 128 GB LTE

Galaxy A05

299 ₼

SM-A057 4GB 64 GB LTE

Galaxy A05S

319 ₼

SM-A057 4GB 128 GB LTE

Galaxy A05S

359 ₼

SM-A145 4GB 64GB LTE

Galaxy A14

399 ₼

SM-A145 4GB 128GB LTE

Galaxy A14

449 ₼

SM-A245 4 GB 64GB

Galaxy A24

479 ₼

SM-A245 6GB 128GB

Galaxy A24

569 ₼

SM-A346 6GB 128GB 5G

Galaxy A34

679 ₼

SM-A546 6GB 128GB 5G

Galaxy A54

999 ₼

SM-A546 8GB 256GB 5G

Galaxy A54

1.149 ₼

All Postpaid and Prepaid line subscribers, as well as those who have transferred their numbers to the Azercell network (except for B2B subscribers), can join the campaign.

It is possible to join the campaign at Azercell and Kontakt Home stores.

The pack is inactive in roaming.

Information about the balance of the package can be obtained by sending an SMS to 2112, dialing a USSD code or via the Azercell Kabinetim application.