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The stimulating lottery “Gift Balance from Azercell” aims at stimulating the balance top-up through the product of “Azercell Telecom” LLC “payment cards” and other means of payment (excluding Simkredit and other balance to balance transactions as well as the parts expressed in kopeks).

In order to acquire the right for participating in the stimulating lottery, a Prepaid line subscriber reaching the age of 18 should top up his/her balance to at least 1,00 AZN and by sending an empty SMS to short number 5353 (cost 0,00 AZN) voluntarily on 24.01.2019- 29.12.2019 and gaining the scores become the participant.

To terminate the participation:

  • Send empty SMS to 5355
  • Call short number 6015 (1st minute is free of charge);
  • Azercell numbers are meant to be sent to email address by writing “STOP” in subject line.

The Lottery prize fund is 1,000,000 AZN.

The total number of prizes constitutes 340 items with 10 prizes in each draw:

  • 306 items of 1000 AZN, total 306 000 AZN;
  • 21 items of 10 000 AZN, total 210 000 AZN;
  • 8 items of 25 000 AZN, total 200 000 AZN;
  • 3 items of 50 000 AZN, total 150 000 AZN;
  • 1 item of 34 000 AZN, total 34 000 AZN;
  • 1 item of 100 000 AZN, total 100 000 AZN;

According to the requirements of Articles 101.5 and 102.1.26 of the Tax Code of the Republic of Azerbaijan, part of the prizes (rewards) earned in cash from the lottery shall be taxed at a rate of 10 percent out of the remaining amount after the exemption of up to 10 AZN from the income tax.

All prices VAT inclusive