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“Gelebe” data pack


General information

Sharing the joy of our glorious victory with everyone is easier now. Azercell presents "The Victory internet package" to all our subscribers to celebrate the victory with its full.



Send word “Qelebe” to 2525 today and share the joy of victory with Azercell's 4G speed.

To activate the gift internet package, 4G network must be activated in your number. If 4G is not activated, follow these steps to activate 4G mode depending on the operating system

If 4G network is not active on your number, depending on the operating system, you can activate 4G mode on your phone following the below steps:


Settings → Cellular → Cellular Data Options → Voice & Data → 4G (LTE)


Settings → Additional / Other networks / Other → Mobile networks → Network mode → LTE (or automatic GSM / WCDMA / LTE connection)

For detailed information about 4G network, please use this link



  • Campaign subscription period: 10 December 2020 until 14:00
  • The validity of the data package is 3 days.
  • The package can be used only on 4G network.
  • The package is available to each subscriber only once and can not be renewed.
  • When switching to 3G network, if there is no other package on the subscriber's balance or once the package balance is expired, the subscriber will be forwarded to a special link page.
  • To use the package, your number line must be two-way opened.
  • If a subscriber has non-recurrent internet package on his balance, preference will be given to that package.