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4G USB modem

+1 month 50GB


General information

You can get Azercell's 4G USB modem and 50GB internet pack for 1 month from all our exclusive stores for only 79 AZN. Our advanced technology ensures seamless, high-speed connectivity wherever you go.


Unlimited Information, Borderless Service!

4G USB modem support both 3G and 4G networks, so you'll have the fastest possible network speed from the moment you connect to the internet. With a 4G network, all your problems, especially with video streaming, downloading large files, or playing online games, will disappear.

Always, Everywhere! 

4G USB modem is an excellent choice for people who need a portable and practical way to get online. Forget about time and space with the convenient and practical USD modem; stay online wherever you are, be it on a trip, in a cafe or restaurant, or a remote location.

A safe choice! 

Stop using public WiFi networks that are not secure and risk sharing your data. Instead, enjoy secure, convenient, and fast internet with your personal 4G USB device.

Wide network selection!

You can use 4G USB modem, supporting a wide selection of networks, comfortably wherever you go. We bring the strongest and fastest internet connection closer to you.