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10 GB = 10 AZN


General information

Join the “10 GB – 10 AZN” campaign and get 10 GB each month during 10 billcycles and a free 3GMAX modem by paying  10 AZN a month!

You can join the campaign:

1. By getting  a free 3G MAX modem and a data number
2. By getting only a free data number

To join the campaign, subscribers living in Baku should apply to Azercell dealers or Azercell Ekspres offices with a personal ID-card. Subscribers living in regions can join the campaign by applying to Azercell dealers. 

The campaign is valid from 11.06.2014 to 31.10.2015

From 18.06.2015 subscribers who left the campaign can rejoin it by sending the new keyword “SERFELI” instead of  “10GB-10 AZN”. This rule applies only to subscribers who joined the campaign by buying a Sim number. Subscribers who joined the campaign by buying a modem can rejoin it by visiting Azercell Ekspres offices. 

  • 50% discount is applied for the first incomplete billcycle when a subscriber gets a data number in a package with a free 3GMAX modem.
  • After 10 GB expires the Internet usage is free until the end of the billing period and the EDGE speed - up to 128 Kb/s is applied during this time.
  • The campaign doesn’t cover previously purchased 3GMAX modems and Data numbers.
  • Subscribers can order 18 GB internet packs during the campaign. In this case subscribers cannot rejoin the 10 GB campaign via SMS.
  • The 10 GB internet pack will be activated after 24 hours. If a subscriber joins the campaign only with a data number the traffic will be activated automatically.
  • If the subscription to the campaign canceled or the line is suspended within 10 billcycles, 3GMAX modem is charged - 24 AZN + VAT.
  •  In case if  a subscriber joins the campaign only with a data number he/she is free to order other internet packs and no additional charges will be applied and resubscription to the 10 GB is possible via SMS.
  •  A subscriber can also order night, hour and weekend packs in parallel to the 10 GB pack.
  •  A subscriber needs to text stop month (in this case the remained internet traffic will be annulled) to 2525  in order to unsubscribe from monthly pack and send month- to the same number in order to stop monthly subscription (1 SMS – 0.01 AZN).

All prices VAT inclusive