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How can I configure my internet settings (9595)?

How can I configure my internet settings (9595)?

Internet settings can be obtained via 9595 or installed manually.

Automatic settings can be installed through the following options:

  • Sending an empty SMS to 9595 (the tariff for sending SMS to 9595 is 0.01 AZN):
    • Received settings should be saved in the phone memory.
    • Restart the phone to install the new settings and restore internet access. 
  • Via "Azercell" app.

Internet settings can also be installed manually depending on the device model.

Android Phones

Go to Settings 

> Other settings (Other networks, More) 

> Mobile networks 

> Access Point Names 

> New APN 

> Name: Type “Azercell Internet”, APN: Type “Internet”

Press ‘Save’ and exit.

Android Tablets

Go to Settings

> More settings

> Mobile networks

> Access point names

> Create New APN

Name: Azercell internet

APN: internet

APN type: default, hipri/default supl/default

Azercell Internet and Mobile networks must be activated after the configurations are stored in the device memory.

iOS Devices

Go to Settings

> Mobile network

> Mobile data network

> Apn: Type “Internet” 

Switch off and restart the device.

Xiaomi Devices

Go to Settings

> Sim card and Mobile networks

> Sim card settings

> Azercell

> Access point names

> In the new APN, type “Azercell” in the Name field and “Internet” in the APN field

Check which slot the Azercell SIM is in. Go to Sim Manager> Data Service Network and select the SIM card where the number is located.

For more detailed information please download the file.