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The convenience of voicemail so you never miss an important message again


General information

To activate the service you need to forward incoming calls to the Telesecretary first.

There are four different types of call forwarding:

  1. When the phone is switched off or out of the coverage area:


Deactivation: ##62#YES

  1. When the phone is busy:

Activation: **67*6061#YES

Deactivation: ##67#YES

  1. When calls are not answered:

Activation: **61*6061#YES

Deactivation: ##61#YES

  1. To forward all calls:

Activation: **21*6061#YES

Deactivation: ##21#YES

To deactivate all types of forwarding dial ##002#YES.

Also you can activate or deactivate any type of forwarding from phone menu directly.

Listening to Telesecretary

You will be notified of new voice messages by SMS.

To listen to the message:

  • From your phone – dial 6060
  • From a different Azercell number – dial 6062, then enter your number and #
  • From a landline number – dial 0506062000, then enter your number and #
  • From any number while roaming – dial international access code 00 or + 994506062000, then your number and #

If your Telesecretary account is password-protected, you will be asked for the password to listen to the messages. The default password is 1234 for all subscribers. It can be changed through the Voice mail menu.

First incoming message can be listened from user’s phone only.


The Telesecretary service is provided free of cost. Calls to retrieve voice messages are charged at the rate for standard on-net calls in the subscriber’s tariff plan.

Additional Information

Messages that have not been accessed are stored for 1 week (168 hours).

Once a message has been accessed, it is stored for a further 3 days (72 hours).

If Telesecretary is not accessed for 3 months, all personal settings such as the welcome message and password are reset to their default.


The Telesecretary service cannot be activated if Call Barring is active on the same number.

The first time you use the Telesecretary service to access your messages, you must make the call from the number registered to you. All subsequent calls to retrieve messages may be made from any number.