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Subscriber identification

The subscriber ID service allows a user of a number to find out the details of the person who registered that number. 



From 27.04.2022 due to technical reasons the usage of the service is temporarily unavailable. 

General information

The Subscriber identification service allows a current user of number to learn information about the number via SMS.


Just sending an empty SMS from the number used to the short number "6800", you can get information about the customer of the number (Name, Surname and Father’s name ) via SMS.

The service provides for provision of information only by the number from which SMS was sent.

Usage fee

Use of the service via SMS, USSD code, as well as “Azercell Kabinetim” mobile app is completely free.

The service is designed for all prepaid and postpaid (Sim-Sim) line subscribers with the exception of corporate subscribers.

Additional information

  • If the official owner of the number is another person, the current user and the official owner of that number can transfer the number to name of current user by applying to Azercell customer service with their ID cards.
  • If SMS response contains information that the number information is incomplete, the current user of the number can transfer the number to his / her name by applying to Azercell customer service with his / her ID card based on following the relevant procedures.


  • As the service is not designed for corporate subscribers, no subscription fee is charged for its use. The service is also available for MND subscribers, but the number is transferred by name in accordance with the standard MND terms.
  • The service is also available via *680#YES USSD code.
  • The fee of SMS sent to the short number 6800 is 0.01 AZN.
  • The service and SMS fee is calculated per request.