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Add color to ordinary calls


General Information

Adding color to ordinary calls has always been very easy for the Azercell subscribers. However, from now on, the subscribers of this service will be able to download an unlimited number of Zengimcell tracks FOR FREE during the subscription period!

Service fee

The service fee is adjusted according to the balance of the subscriber and is 0.06 AZN per day (maximum 30 days - 1.80 AZN). Subscription is automatically updated.

If there are not enough funds in the balance to subscribe to the service or renew the subscription, the service is provided for 10 days (0.60 AZN) as a debt.

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  • Only if the subscriber pays the previous debt in full, he/she can re-use the service;
  • The amount of debt is deducted in installments if it is not possible to deduct it in full;
  • If the debt amount is not paid in full within 10 days, the service is canceled.

Additional information

  • The subscriber who calls a Zengimcell subscriber can activate the same Zengimcell track by pressing "*" (star) twice while listening to Zengimcell.
  • Subscriber A should send an SMS with the “H Zengimcell code Subscriber B`s number” format (for example: H 123456 0501234567) to the short number "6070" to present a Zengimcell track to Subscriber B. Subscriber B can accept or reject the present by sending ”beli Zengimcell code“ (for example: ”beli 123456“) or ”xeyr Zengimcell code" to the short number "6070". Subscriber A pays the service fee for the present. During the automatic renewal, the service fee is charged from the balance of Subscriber B.
  • Refusal of the service is carried out by sending the keyword "STOP" or the code 000000 to the short number "6070". The subscriber in roaming can stop the service by sending a "STOP" message, but this operation is not guaranteed. The operation is intended for use in the local network.


To subscribe, send the Zəngimcell track code to 6070.

You can find the complete list of Zəngimcell tracks at this website: WWW.ZENGİM.AZ