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Clir and Soclir

Number hiding service


General information

  • With Clir option you can permanently withhold your number.
  • With Soclir option you can withhold your number on your request. To use this function you only need to dial #31# before the number you are calling to.
  • In case you wish to use the service for a short period of time, by sending according keyword, you may benefit from 1-day, 7-days and 30-days Soclir+.
  • You can also activate short-term Soclir for other subscribers. To activate this service for other subscriber send the subscriber’s number (+994 50(51) XXX; 00994 50(51) XXX; 0 50(51)XXX; 50(51) XXX) to mentioned short numbers accordingly.


  • 1-day Soclir+ 0.20
  • 7-days Soclir+ 1.18
  • 30-days Soclir+ 4.13
  • Clir 11.80
  • Permanent Soclir 21.24

Hiding the number when using Clir and Soclir services is guaranteed only within Azercell network. 

There are no restrictions on sending SMS, and every new order extends the service time.


To activate Clir, Soclir and Soclir+ services:

  • Apply to Azercell Exclusive offices;

To activate Soclir+, send an empty SMS to the corresponding short number:

  • For 1-day activation – 9001
  • For 7-days activation – 9007
  • For 30-days activation – 9030

Additional information

  • The service can be used by all Postpaid and Prepaid subscribers of Azercell.
  • Using Soclir, Clir, Soclir+ services, there is no guarantee that the number will not be identified during off-net calls or while roaming. When using Clir, Soclir və Soclir+ services, number hiding is guaranteed only in the Azercell network.
  • It is not possible to activate the Clir/Soclir service for a number if Soclir+ is active.
  • If the Soclir+ service (for 1, 7 or 30 days) is active, then when the subscriber sends a request for Soclir+ again, the service period (days) for both requests is applied by summing.