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Duet card

Duetcell gives you 2 subscriptions on 1 card. 



With Duet-card you get two subscriptions in one card. Both numbers can be postpaid, or one postpaid and one SimSim number.

Each number has its own PIN1 code and common PUK1, PUK2, PIN2 codes, and also common contacts list.

Duet-card numbers should have the same operator code.

You may choose one of the following options:

  • Subscription with two new numbers. New Duet-card pack includes numbers with 260 series for postpaid and 360 series for SimSim
  • Subscription with two existing numbers
  • Subscription with one existing and one new number

For Duet-card subscription with the existing numbers you may apply to any Customer Care or Azercell Ekspres offices.

Subscription with new numbers (260/360 series) is available in Baku Customer Care office located on 2, B.Baghirova str., and in all regional Customer Care offices.


  • New subscription - 35.40 AZN
  • Subscription with one existing number - 23.60 AZN
  • Subscription with two existing numbers - 7.08 AZN
  • Number replacement (per each number) - 23.60 AZN

Note: From 27.02.2023, new subscriptions to “Duetcell” service, provided by "Azercell Telecom" LLC, will be suspended. Subscribers who have joined the service before the mentioned date will be able to continue using it if they do not cancel their subscription.

Additional Information

Numbers on Duet-card can be registered on one or different subscribers.

Access to numbers on a Duet Card is protected by a PIN code.

In case if Duet-card is lost or damaged SIM replacement will be applied for both numbers for free.