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Conference call

You can add up to 6 participants to each conference call. 



With the service you may add up to 5 subscribers to your conversation. To make the conference call Second line service should be activated first.

An order number will be assigned to each party joining the conference. You will need these numbers to use some functions of Conference call indicated below.

To start a conference call you use the following commands:

  • To add one more participant to current conversation: dial 2 YES subscriber’s number YES, then 3 YES when connected
  • To increase the number of participants: repeat the same procedure
  • To accept incoming call and add it to conversation: dial 2 YES then 3 YES
  • To abort the conversation with participants waiting on the line: dial 0 YES
  • To accept incoming call while disconnecting other parties: dial 1 YES
  • To talk in private to any participant (available for subscriber initiated conference call only): dial 2, participant’s order number, YES
  • To get back to conversation with participants waiting on the line: dial 3 YES
  • To disconnect one of participants: dial 1, participant’s order number, YES
  • To end the conference call: press NO


Initiator of conference call pays for each added call in accordance with the price of standard call in used tariff.