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Call signature

Add a unique touch to the name displayed when you call



Postpaid subscription

  • Monthly package 1.99 AZN*

Prepaid subscription

  • Daily package 0.10 AZN*

Free to for new users

Validity period: 30 days for postpaid and 3 days for prepaid.

Subscribers will be charged for the Call Signature service in the next billing period if they do not unsubscribe from it.

How to check your call signature

To view your call signature, SMS imza to 5111

*Unlimited usage

Additional Information

A call signature is the perfect way to express your identity through a call even before you speak. Professionals may choose to add their job title as a signature. Individuals may use it to convey their feelings for the person they are calling. The possibilities are endless.

No, you can create as many call signatures as you need. Note that each call signature is limited to 100 characters, including punctuation and spaces. You are solely responsible for the content of any call signature that you create.

To create a call signature, SMS the text that you want displayed to 5111. Dial the number you want to call with the prefix *5*, for example, *5*0501234567.

To get detailed information about this service, SMS infoimza to 5111.

To unsubscribe, SMS stopimza to 5111.